Bags! Bags! Bags!

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 It is quite simply said that a woman is not complete with that perfect accessory, whether it be a bag, a pair of the sexiest shoes or her best friend the diamond! Designers have blessed us with some of the most stylish, sleek and innovative ... Read more >>


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 I AM Ebony Onwubolu or you can call me Ebz. Photographer and Stylist in the making being moulded minute by minute! I Love fashion and all the wonders of it! I Write, I Create and I Love! Join me every week on Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday again ... Read more >>

The James Bond Impersonator

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 For nearly 6 decades now James Bond has raced across our screens in fast paced, action packed blockbusters. Considered a heart throb by females across the globe (often including the ones featured in the movies), he manages to defeat the bad guy... Read more >>