The making of A Magazine...


Fashion campaigns gives rise to and raises awareness of the brand and their targeted market. Our team at Fashionaires have the creative energy to bring any campaign to life and beyond.


A designer who chooses to create their lookbook with Fashionaires is guaranteed a package that will give them to tools to develop their own unique concept. Whether it be just for one season's collection or..

Fashion Events

Fashionaires has over 15 years experience organising and hosting fashion events. We've organised events in several international party hotspots including Manama, Bahrain, Naples, Italy and London, UK. We are all about going that special extra mile and we bring an emotional concept to everything we do whether it be our photoshoots, videos or our events.

Brand Promotion

We at Fashionaires are continually emerging with new and exciting creative ideas, methods and talents, passionately taking pride in the brands we promote. We continually strive to do things in an original way while continuously pushing boundaries.